Our aim is to revolutionise how tennis fans experience Tennis.
The WAT FAN ACADEMY is limited to hardcore fans so we want to expand its access to a younger audience.
HOW? By turning the WATFA into a youthful brand. 
We believe that Passion is the ultimate currency and we have a level of passion and access that few brands can match. In a world of insta-everything and immediate highlights, we need to offer something no one else can. We need to show fans the sport they love in a new way.

WE ARE TENNIS 220170507_021WE ARE TENNIS 220170507_021

The Advantage

"We’ll create a digital companion for our members. A mobile tool that allows them to get the best of the best the sport has to offer and is their first point of contact with WE ARE TENNIS" 

Members will be the first to know about exclusive events, seat upgrades and surprise ticket giveaways. They’ll see footage and interviews no one else has access to and a personalised content feed will be relevant to them, making it their go-to information source.
It’s a means for them to share with their fellow fans, circulating the content, curating their own feeds. The more socially active they are - the more they demonstrate their passion - the higher the member level they can attain.
The tool will be their gateway to access amazing unlimited experiences, on and off the grounds, pre, during and post-game and from every angle including behind the scenes even when the stadium lights are off. 

A Digital Concierge in your pocket

This is the ultimate digital concierge for Tennis Fans. It delivers all the benefits and access of We Are Tennis membership in one place:

. Delivers unparalleled access to the game
. Learns your preference intelligently, serving you relevant content
. Incredible user experience, at tournament or at home
. Enhances, augments and enriches fan experience
. Provides a gateway to all the exclusive access that BNP Paribas can offer

WE ARE TENNIS 220170507_012WE ARE TENNIS 220170507_012

.Logo studies

To create this brand I decided to combine the main letters of the We are Tennis Academy name, forming a strong iconic symbol that could be used in many different media without becoming too overwhelming due to its ornamental nature. 
It is fresh, young and bold and in that way we could connect to a younger audience. 

WE ARE TENNIS 220170507_023WE ARE TENNIS 220170507_023
WE ARE TENNIS 220170507_034WE ARE TENNIS 220170507_034
WE ARE TENNIS 220170507_024WE ARE TENNIS 220170507_024

Join the ultimate Tennis Club

The digital concierge contains everything you need as a tennis fan:
Results, a feed of tennis-related news, athlete profiles etc.
However, it also is the means by which you get closer to the game. Having the app IS membership of WAT, and so it entitles you to all the great privileges that BNP can provide access to, delivered straight to your phone for you to immediately enjoy in an innovative and engaging way.

WE ARE TENNIS 220170507_026WE ARE TENNIS 220170507_026