+ SKA 2015

I was hired by SKA to design the main brochure for Sonae using their identity as a reference for the look and feel. I knew SONAE quite well has I worked with them for more than two years, helping them with Art Direction and Design for the brands MO, Continente and Zippy. So I wanted to bring some edge and originality to this book but it was a challenge as they have explored all options around the logo that we could imagine. Circles and more circles. And what do you see if you see a sphere from a different perspective? Still a circle... So if it´s circles they want, circles they will get. Combining 3d with bidimensional shapes I was able to bring depth and tridimensionality to the overall look which kind of brings the book to a new place where it is no longer a flat boring thing but rather something that will make us look twice. This is their DNA, and the way all these spheres move and interact with each other its somehow organic and alive, like their identity. 

SONAE BROCHURE20170507_003SONAE BROCHURE20170507_003
SONAE BROCHURE20170507_004SONAE BROCHURE20170507_004
SONAE BROCHURE20170507_008SONAE BROCHURE20170507_008
SONAE BROCHURE20170507_002SONAE BROCHURE20170507_002
SONAE BROCHURE20170507_001SONAE BROCHURE20170507_001
SONAE BROCHURE20170507_006SONAE BROCHURE20170507_006