High-End Creative Retouching

PHOTOGRAPHER: Carlos Serrao for BeautyAndPhoto.com.
STYLIST: Sean Knight for JedRoot.com.
GROOMER: Barbara Guillaume for CelestineAgency.com.
Amy Mauth, Roger Pittard, Jamie Jacobson.
PROP STYLIST: George Segal.
DIGITAL TECH: Damon Loble at DamonLoblePhotography.com.

Carlos Serrão directed a magnificent Photo shooting starring the iconic Norman Reedus for Beautyandphoto.com mixing a very cold beautiful Color Palette with idyllic scenes by the beach. A mix of wet sand, dust, water and sun rays gave this visual narrative a complete different twist, showing Norman Reedus behind a poetic and almost fragile curtain. I retouched this series using DB and HFS techniques to preserve the texture of the skin, which is harder for male models than female ones, and tried to get the most out of each photo in terms of detail.