Nike Rise I

+ AKQA, 2016

Promotional Video:
Director: Shotopop
Production: Shotopop
Client: Nike
Agency: AKQA
Cel animation: Dipankar Sengupta,
Roland Edwards, Carlos de Faria.
Sound: A Skyline on Fire

China has an unrivalled passion for basketball. Nike set out to create opportunity and break down barriers to inspire the next wave of players to rise to new heights. 
Inspire the next wave of basketball players to raise their game, by putting them through their paces at the Nike Rise House of Mamba, the world’s first interactive LED basketball court, spurred on by millions watching the Rise series.
Thirty players were drafted from a region-wide search to be coached by LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Nike Rise House of Mamba challenged and trained the final team using motion-tracking drills and reactive visualisation to create a pinnacle experience, teach the fundamentals of basketball and push the boundaries of sports training. See full article here.

Nike Rise II

+ AKQA, 2016

As a result of the campaign #Bringyourgame on a second stage of the NIKE RISE massive collaboration, I created these explorations which are meant to represent an evolution of the former Nike Rise logo - the rising ball on flames. 
Some explorations are a result of an abstraction of the geometric lines we see in the basketball icon to remind us of flames and their orientation can lead us to feel that there is movement and dynamism in a subttle way.
On a second attempt to represent the basketball on fire, I have decided to create badges and still keep the geometric lines that reminds us of Basketball in a way that could be used later on as a more complex structure for other federation logos. These new designs were also used as backdrops for possible photoshootings combining bright colours and striking poses on the models to bring the logos to life in a more creative way.

NIKE RISE20170507_005NIKE RISE20170507_005
NIKE RISE20170507_003NIKE RISE20170507_003
NIKE RISE20170507_011NIKE RISE20170507_011
NIKE RISE20170507_010NIKE RISE20170507_010
NIKE RISE20170507_009NIKE RISE20170507_009
NIKE RISE20170507_008NIKE RISE20170507_008
NIKE RISE20170507_007NIKE RISE20170507_007
NIKE RISE20170507_001NIKE RISE20170507_001




These logos have a modular structure that allows us to fill the gaps with the official colors of each federation to become easily recognisable.




In this approach, I wanted to try something more playful and simple,connecting the letters of the name R-I-S-E in a clever way using the lines from the basketball. Some other variations resulted in a modular system similar to a Tangram GAME.
The curved line and straight line represent the two opposite sides of any game. 

NIKE RISE20170507_014NIKE RISE20170507_014